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Egyptologists claim that the arrangement of the chambers inside of the Great Pyramid was due to Khufu’s indecisiveness and not a particular plan of any kind. ¬†Egyptologists also ignore the fact that the King’s Chamber was scorched and browned, and that the Queen’s Chamber had an inch and half of salt built up on the walls, and that the Subterranean Chamber might show signs of water erosion and cavitation as opposed to being left unfinished. ¬†These various effects can be explained by heat being contained in the King’s Chamber, an electrochemical process in the Queen’s Chamber, and water-hammer in the Sub-Chamber.

Fire In The Middle  

By Danny Kerr

Hypothetically speaking, high amplitude sound waves are generated within the Great Pyramid by thermoacoustic means and a monotone note is produced and sustained. ¬†Water hammer is used for timing, to drive a piston, create pressure, and to generate steam in the upper chambers. ¬†Water was likely pumped to the top of the Pyramid and allowed to percolate down through the stone. ¬†Electricity is generated through the conversion of heat into sound and then sound into electricity through the piezoelectric response of quartz. ¬†The King’s Chamber is playing the role of a large transducer.

The granite blocks¬†don’t¬†plug the first ascending passage at all, they’re not set in tight. ¬†The ascending passage displays wear and tear on the limestone, as do the granite blocks. ¬†The first ascending passage width is narrower where it meets the descending passage giving the impression that the granite blocks are plugging the ascending passage. ¬†If a shockwave of water came up the descending passage the granite blocks would be forced up the ascending passage. ¬†The granite blocks would then act as a piston, compressing any gases inside the pyramid as well as pushing water into the upper chambers. ¬†The granite blocks would also weigh 1.5g per cm3 instead of 2.5g per cm3 when submerged in water making them significantly lighter.

John Cadman, an American Hydrologist, has been reverse engineering the Subterranean Chamber of the Great Pyramid for years and is constantly discovering new aspects of the design of the chamber. ¬†He’s shown that water¬†drains unrestricted through it, and that the shafts connecting to the chamber are designed to reflect and a contain a compression wave, or water hammer. ¬† Here’s a video of John describing his pulse-generator model. ¬†

This is a picture of John showing his various Subterranean Chamber models.

The Pyramids of Egypt in ancient times had perimeter walls that Egyptologists claim were to keep thieves out. ¬†John Cadman was the first person to demonstrate that the perimeter walls very likely held in water, which could’ve been fed from Lake Moeris, which is at a higher elevation 75km south of Giza.¬†

The ram pump does not require the percolation shaft in order to operate.

The cycle of the ram pump in the Great Pyramid should be around once every 1.75 Р2 seconds and would deliver roughly 20 to 30 Megawatts of input power per pulse, not accounting for losses.  Referenced here: http://cotp.dougkeenan.com/CYCLESr20.pdf

The function of the Queen’s Chamber

The Queen’s Chamber used to have salt encrusted on the walls and ceiling up to 3.75cm (1.5″) thick and the two small shafts that feed the Chamber used to each be blocked off with a limestone block that had a crack running through it. The Queen’s Chamber has now been cleaned down to the limestone and the limestone blocking the small shafts was chiseled away in search for treasure. ¬†A piece of copper in the shape of a dual hook, a small piece of wood, and a stone ball were recovered from the shafts and are on display at a British museum. ¬†Pipe inspection cameras have since inspected up the shafts and it was discovered that the shafts are blocked by limestone blocks with two copper handles, or electrodes. ¬†It appears the fluid levels of the shafts were monitored by a fluid switch opening or closing a circuit. ¬†Check out Chris Dunn’s model of Gantenbrinks door for a clearer picture. ¬†http://gizapower.com/Model2.htm

The Earth has a natural negative charge, and the Ionosphere has a natural positive charge. ¬†The Pyramid builders seemingly exploited this difference of potential for electrolysis production by building the Pyramid, and King’s Chamber Vents, high in the air to draw in the natural positive charge. ¬†Think of the Queen’s Chamber as a negative electrode with salt build-up on it.¬† The positive electrode in this case would be the King’s Chamber. ¬†Hydrogen would be generated at the Queen’s Chamber and Oxygen would be generated at the King’s Chamber.¬† If the King’s Chamber Vents were sealed in ancient times, then I believe the King’s Chamber would assume the role of the cathode, with the Queen’s Chamber serving as the anode, or collection point, an arrangement similar to a vacuum tube.

From Chris Dunn’s book, The Giza Power Plant – In 1978 a researcher, Patrick Flanagan, had the salt of the Queen’s Chamber analyzed and it was found to contain a mixture of calcium carbonate, sodium chloride and calcium sulphate.¬†

The Queen’s Chamber may have had a very simple function, the salt coating the Chamber could’ve been intentionally allowed to accumulate there to mix with the incoming water. ¬†Its job may have been to just raise the total dissolved solids in the water coming into the upper chambers. ¬†The Nile is fresh water, therefore the E.C. of the water is relatively low, adding some salt would raise the electrical conductivity of the water. ¬†This would actually allow the water to be more effectively split and burned.

Here’s a video showing how radio frequencies can split salt water and ignite the gases into a constant flame. ¬†In this video, a lazy yellow flame is produced displaying unburnt fuel. ¬†The inventor, John Kanzius, was searching for a cure for cancer when he discovered a way to essentially set fire to water.

A series of experiments at Penn State University’s Microwave Lab were done using test tubes of water containing 0.1 to 30% salt. ¬†At just 3% salinity, the YouTube video of John Kanzius’ burning water was confirmed. ¬†The radio frequency used to split the water in the link above is 13.56MHz at 300 Watts power. ¬†The Kings Chamber generates a 14.3MHz radio frequency at a power of up to 20 Megawatts and would feed that signal back into the Pyramid’s Chambers. ¬†The King’s Chambers acoustic resonance stimulates standing waves of piezoelectric charge in the electromagnetic spectrum. ¬†The Strongest axial mode of the King’s Chamber would be from its East to West walls, which is 14.3MHz. Signal referenced from:¬† http://www.bigskymap.com/cotp/CYCLESr24.pdf

The Thermoacoustic Regenerative Pulsejet

Pulsejet engines have few or no moving parts, only require ignition upon startup, and are very loud. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulsejet 

The dimensions and flatness of the Pyramids internal Chambers and Passages all appear geared towards the tuning and function of a pulsejet (thermoacoustic) style engine which generates heat and sound within the King’s Chamber and Grand Gallery and uses the resonance and heat of the system to keep the Pyramid vibrating. ¬†A pulsejet engine fits the pyramid power model very well, pulsejets generate high sound pressure levels, plenty of thrust and heat, and would require no maintenance, fire could continuously be created through the combination of fuel, oxygen, and heat, possibly requiring no spark for combustion. ¬†The Grand Gallery is slanted which would help with the directing of heat and the mixing of gases. ¬†Hydrogen being light would travel from the bottom to the top of the room, and oxygen, being heavier, would fall from the top to the bottom of the room. ¬†With the natural cost-free electric charge of the Earth and Ionosphere being utilized to generate gases, and cost-free water hammer driving the process, we may be looking at the world’s largest, slowest working, cost-free-energy-pulsejet connected to the wheel works of nature. ¬†I think this would have made Tesla proud, according to Tesla his greatest achievement was the installment of the world’s first hydro-electric alternating current power station at Niagara Falls.

The Pulsejet nature of the Great Pyramid may be better described as a Pulse Detonation Engine. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulse_detonation_engine

With combustion or detonation of pressurized gases occurring within the pyramid, the power output would jump substantially from the 20 to 30 Megawatts of input power per pulse of the ram-pump, possibly into the Gigawatt range. 

A ram pump can also be combined with a trompe, a water powered air compressor.  A system like this could provide both timing and air for an engine. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trompe

Here’s a video demonstrating a combination ram pump trompe. ¬†¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xv1lQA-tnwo

It’s also possible that the pulsejet function inside the Great Pyramid could have no combustion of any kind taking place.  If steam permeated the device, that may be all that’s needed for the pulsejet to work.  Here’s a link to a patent from 1975 on a heat engine in the form of a water pulsejet that is rather similar to what we see inside of the Great Pyramid.  https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/ac/67/b6/eeccf9baab69d5/US3898800.pdf

The acoustic input of the ram pump should produce piezoelectricity, which should add heat to the King‚Äôs Chamber, which would raise the temperature of the King’s Chamber above the temperature of the Grand Gallery.

The volumes of the King’s Chamber and Grand Gallery would match if the Grand Gallery was about 1/3rd full of water.

With water filling the Grand Gallery 1/3rd the way, heat being contained in the King’s Chamber, a choke point between the two chambers at roughly 1/4 the length of the system, and a ram pump repeatedly driving the process, the right conditions for thermoacoustics should arise.¬† Thermoacoustics would enable a steady continuous tone to be emitted by the Pyramid.¬† https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermoacoustics

The diagram below is similar to the Layout of the chambers inside of the Great Pyramid, with the Grand Gallery on the right, the Kings Chamber on the left, and the Antechamber in between.

Here’s a video of a demonstration of a thermoacoustic sound generator.

The Grand Gallery

Below is a picture from Gizapower.com in which Chris Dunn is pointing out scorch marks on the ceiling of the Grand Gallery after the gallery was cleaned.  These scorch marks could be evidence of combustion or pressures generating a standing wave and leaving a pattern showing the nodes and anti-nodes of the frequency generated.  There’s about 100-200 burn marks, or antinodes, which is an indication of the system having higher frequencies present.  


Here’s a link to a patent which indirectly explains the shape and configuration of the Grand Gallery. ¬†The inventor, Tim Lucas, discovered that in acoustic systems performing mechanical work, shifting the harmonics of the fundamental frequency of the system up or down prevents shockwaves from forming and allows for smoother operation and greater amplitudes to be achieved.¬†¬†https://patents.google.com/patent/US5515684A/en
The Grand Gallery’s corbeled walls might not just be for structural integrity; they also appear to generate inharmonic frequencies of the fundamental frequencies of the internal chambers of the Great Pyramid. ¬†Using the speed of sound in steam, 500m/s, we can get a rough idea of the Grand Gallery’s axial modes for its height, length, and along its 8 varied widths. ¬†Referenced from Wikipedia, the top of the Grand Gallery is 1.06m and the bottom of the Grand Gallery is 2.06m. ¬† Acoustically and geometrically speaking, the dimensions roughly span 1 full scale, with 7 notes and 1 octave. ¬†This arrangement could be simply guaranteeing that the dimensions of the chamber stay out of the harmonic series of the Pyramid by staying in its own inharmonic series, just like Tim Lucas’ Resonant Macrosonic Synthesis discovery. ¬†I’ve crawled around inside the Great Pyramid with a private group for over 2 hours, and while the entire tour I was with was in the King’s Chamber I had the Grand Gallery all to myself. ¬†This gave me the opportunity to create a bang on the floor to make the walls of the Grand Gallery vibrate. ¬†I jumped from the 4th step up above the landing where the stairs meet above the Queen’s Chamber Passage entrance and landed on the roughly 6′ x 3′ floorboards. ¬†After the initial impact with the floor, the walls shook like the sound of a subwoofer. ¬†This showed me that the Chamber resonated freely. ¬†The blocks that make up the walls actually vibrated for a few seconds past me making the bang on the floor, it was unbelievable, it was like striking a nicely tuned drum.¬† My friends on the tour came yelling asking what happened as everyone felt a shockwave roar past them. ¬†I felt assured that the Pyramid has a low fundamental frequency, the size, geometries and the materials used in the Great Pyramid are all geared towards low-frequency response. ¬†My ear told me the sound was around 45hz, the vibration of the walls anyways.

The Antechamber

Located between the King’s Chamber and Grand Gallery, the Antechamber appears very similar to a thermoacoustic regenerator, both due to its placement roughly 1/4 of the way of the length of Kings Chamber and Grand Gallery and as a choke point.¬† Egyptologists only theorize about what was in the Antechamber, leaving room for speculation.¬† There are a few materials the Khemitians used that would be sufficient in a thermoacoustic regenerator.

The King’s Chamber

The King‚Äôs Chamber of the Great Pyramid consists of roughly 6.5 million lbs of red granite, which contains up to 70 percent quartz.¬† The dimensions of the Chamber are 10.47m East to West(length), 5.234m North to South(width), and 5.852m floor to ceiling(height). ¬† The resonant frequencies in steam are thus 42.7Hz for the Chamber‚Äôs height, 47.7Hz for the Chamber‚Äôs width, and 23.9Hz for the Chambers length.¬†¬†Dimensions and frequencies referenced from http://bigskymap.com.¬†¬†Mixing these frequencies together yields a 5Hz beat-frequency.¬† This frequency would beat the walls of the King‚Äôs Chamber like a drummer hitting a big bell, and the sustain of the resonance of the chamber might actually override the beat-frequency, masking the beat in the resonance of the Chamber and entire Pyramid.¬† When you strike a large bell repeatedly, the individual hits usually end up being masked by the sustain, thus the 5Hz beat-frequency is driving the pyramid to resonate, and not necessarily at 5Hz. ¬†Think of the beat frequency like a medium paced drum roll.¬†¬†The speed of sound in granite is much higher than the speed of sound in steam, therefore if 5Hz was refracting into the granite beams above the King’s Chamber, the speed of sound would pick up speed through the granite resulting in a higher frequency than 5Hz. ¬†At 4300m/s in granite, the sound speed roughly goes up by 8.6X, resulting in a frequency of around 43Hz. ¬†Please keep in mind that these calculations are only representative of the fundamental modes of the King’s Chamber, there are many other frequencies present, but the fundamental modes are strongest. ¬†If the 5Hz beat frequency is strictly a driving frequency, working like a drummer doing a drum roll, then the beams above the King’s Chamber may resonate at their own resonant frequencies, which they would fall into the approximately 300Hz range. ¬†The granite beams are 7-8m long (north to south), therefore, 4300m/s/14m=307Hz. ¬† The total length of the King’s Chamber Ceiling is 10.47m(east to west), plus the roughly 1-meter-thick walls, would result in a length of roughly 12.5m of granite. ¬†Therefore, the sound through the granite is 4300m/s/25m=172Hz.¬†

All of the beams above the King’s Chamber, and all of the blocks that make up the King’s Chamber are a different size and rough shape, this would ensure no harmonic frequencies are generated between two different pieces, just like what’s outlined in Tim Lucas’s Macrosonic Synthesis Patent.

The Quartz in the granite is an exceptional piezoelectric material and it could potentially generate megawatts of power through the heat and pressures of the system. ¬†Through the ingenious use of water hammer, steam, the natural electric charge of the Earth and Ionosphere, thermoacoustics and piezoelectrics, it starts to sound possible that the Giza Pyramids generated enormous amounts of power. ¬†An interesting feature of the Pyramids is their mass, or thickness. ¬†The limestone bulk is considered an insulator by electrical engineers, and the thickness/volume of the King’s Chamber granite, to electrical engineers, is just for robustness because charges only form on the surface of conductors. ¬†Maybe the volume of granite, and the matrix of the constituents that make up the granite, played a role in the generation and propagation of a charge. ¬†In this sense, the bulk of the Pyramid might play a larger role than electrical engineers anticipate, possibly paving the way to a new understanding of rocks and how they can generate electricity, or radio.

Tesla’s Earth Wave Vibration Theory

Note: Electricity in a wire behaves like a gas.

In the Graphic above Tesla shows his analogy and realization of his Wireless Transmission Theory.  The analogy is a hand pump pumping up a sphere and gauges responding all around the sphere.  He states in his Analogy Graphic that each pulse of the pump is felt with equal force at all points of the sphere and that sphere could be a flexible, spherical envelope filled with a liquid or gas.  Tesla then demonstrates in the Realization Graphic how the Earth could be used as a means for the distribution of electricity without wires utilizing the principle displayed in the Analogy Graphic.

There’s no “free energy” in this system. ¬†Tesla makes no mention of using the energy of the Earth to power the Wardenclyffe Tower. ¬†The Tower required a large generating station which was right beside the Tower. ¬†Tesla also wanted power from Niagara Falls, which wasn’t too far away.

Tesla’s Wardenclyffe tower contained two resonating Tesla Coils placed in series with Earth and a virtual ground terminating the circuit at the top of the Tower. ¬†The Tower was in a single-phase configuration (single wire, mono phase) and a generating station provided the current for the Tower to transmit. ¬†Each Pyramid, Khafre and Khufu, are acting as a resonant conductor like a pair of Tesla Coils arranged in parallel configuration.

With the two largest Pyramids at Giza working as resonant generators, and both¬†Pyramids fundamental frequencies being induced into the ground¬†in such close proximity, the¬†fundamental¬†frequencies of the Pyramids would clash in a constructive and destructive manner. ¬†The frequencies generated would mix and create a beat frequency, or pulsation. ¬†The Pyramids seem to be pulsing acoustic and electromagnetic frequencies into the Earth, just the way Tesla simply describes in his Analogy Graphic –Tesla’s Earth Wave¬†Vibration¬†Theory. ¬†This arrangement could possibly set up a standing acoustic/electromagnetic wave within the Earth and the Ionosphere for the transfer of wireless energy! ¬†

The waveform above demonstrates how the Ancients could have used beat-frequencies to generate low-frequencies.  Couple this effect with hitting a resonant frequency of the Earth and you have a resonant switched, resonant amplified signal being transmitted around the globe!!  

Using the upper limit of P-waves, 28,968Km/h, the Giza Pyramids would resonate around 125Hz(G1,Khufu) and 134.7Hz(Khafre,G2) leaving a difference of 8.7Hz.

Electromagnetic modes of the Earth-Ionosphere cavity are the Schumann Resonances.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schumann_resonances  


At the speed of sound through the Pyramids using P-wave averaged at 6km/s, Khufu’s pyramid clocks in at around 26Hz and Khafre’s Pyramid in at around 28Hz. ¬†This leaves a difference of 2Hz, which a 2Hz modulation produces a 1Hz wave. ¬†These calculations might be off by a factor of 2, if so, that means the Great Pyramid would be around 13Hz, and the Khafre Pyramid around 14Hz, leaving a modulation around 1Hz. ¬†It‚Äôs interesting to note, that a low-frequency beat-frequency difference between the Pyramids might match a thermoacoustic steam engine inside the Great Pyramid, thus syncing the vibrations of the Giza Plateau to the engine inside of the Great Pyramid. ¬†Remember, the Ram Pump is pulsing every 2 seconds, therefore, if the beat-frequency of the pyramids is 1Hz or 2Hz, we likely have the ram pump landing on every second or fourth beat generated by the Pyramids. ¬†

Extremely Low Frequency radio waves, 1-30Hz, travel nearly lossless through the Earth, with an attenuation of 1-2Decibels every 1000Km.  A radio transmitter transmitting at these frequencies has the potential to be received worldwide. 

Imagine the Pyramids slowly pulsing at 1 or 2Hz, 1Hz results in 86400 pulses per day, the same as the total amount of seconds per day. ¬†A 2Hz beat frequency though, reverses phase every second beat, thus a 2Hz beat frequency is similar to a pendulum swinging back and forth every second.¬† The Earth rotates at 460 meters per second and the Great Pyramid is 230m wide, which 460/2 = 230. ¬†The Pyramids turn with the Earth and pass through space twice every second, thus the Pyramids could be synced/clocked to the planet. ¬†This is fitting because Earth is essentially an electric motor that’s spinning at 460 meters per second. ¬†

The Picture below was taken in a book of Tesla Patents from a Tesla Museum in Hungary. ¬†What’s depicted in Figure 4 doesn’t appear in any other Tesla patent on the internet, and is what would appear to be, a double tower version of the Wardenclyffe Tower. ¬†The arrangement is similar to the arrangement of the Pyramids, with two resonant transformers of a slightly different frequency paired together. ¬†Notice the length of the vertical coils, the one on the left is longer and would resonate at a lower frequency than the one on the right, just like the Khufu and Khafre Pyramids. ¬†Tesla originally wanted to build two towers at Wardenclyffe, but financing prevented Tesla from building his original vision. ¬†The details on how the twin tower system would work are still a mystery, though modulation may be the answer. ¬†Tesla coils apparently work best when the primary and secondary have an 8% difference in frequency, maybe this same concept was carried over into Tesla‚Äôs Wardenclyffe Tower.

The Pharaohs name Sneferu possibly translates into double harmony.  Sneferu also built two Pyramids of different size in close proximity to each other, the Red Pyramid and Bent Pyramid.  This lends to the Idea that the system employed by the Ancients used mainly two frequencies harmonizing with the Earth.  The Red and Bent Pyramid are located in Dashur 21km south of the Giza Pyramids.  Why would the Ancients build their structures so similarly if there was no master plan?  If the Pyramids were resonators, then the frequencies they generate would combine into the sum of the difference of the frequencies, resulting in beats.  The Giza pyramids and the Red and Bent Pyramids may also have been coupled together, for they’d modulate in the same fashion.

If you place a subwoofer on the floor of a room and turn it up, you can walk around the room and find the spot where the sub frequencies are loudest, this is where the Khafre pyramid could be located in relation to the Great Pyramid, and where the Bent Pyramid could be located in relation to the Red Pyramid.

The Pyramids of Giza’s volumes minus the Great Pyramid add up to the volume of the Great Pyramid to within 99.5% and possibly closer. ¬†This fact is very interesting because cubic volume and frequency are intrinsically connected.¬† The missing volume could be hinting at a missing satellite pyramid on the Giza Plateau, or maybe some of the Queens Pyramids were slightly larger than what’s anticipated by Egyptologists.¬† ¬†

  • Khufu G1 – 2,592,401m3
  • Khafre G2 – 2,216,241m3
  • Menkaure G3 – 235,183m3
  • Khufu G1A – 24,707m3
  • Khufu G1B – 25,000m3
  • Khufu G1C – 21,105m3
  • Khufu G1D – 2,176m3
  • Khafre G2A – 3,125m3
  • Menkaure G3A – 18,327m3
  • Menkaure G3B – 6,897m3 (likely similar to G3A)
  • Menkaure G3C – 6,897m3 (likely similar to G3A)

Total Pyramids volume less G1 = 2,559,358m3 = 98.7% The volume of G1.  These volumes may be even closer, for G3B and G3A could be larger as only their cores remain, pushing the number to 99.5% or greater.  This volumetric discovery might be what proves that there was a unified plan at Giza.

Below is a picture by Doug Keenan illustrating the electromagnetic resonant frequencies of the Giza Pyramids based on the latest Electromagnetic Survey of the Great Pyramid. ¬†Take the speed of light and divide it by the Base width of a pyramid and you’ll roughly get the electromagnetic resonant frequency of that pyramid. ¬†Khufu’s Pyramid’s resonant frequency clocks in at a 230m wavelength, or 1.304mhz, and Khafre’s Pyramid’s resonant frequency comes in at a 215m wavelength, or 1.395mhz.¬†Here’s a link to the Electromagnetic Survey Publication. ¬†Mikhail Balezin et al, Electromagnetic properties of the Great Pyramid: First multipole resonances and energy concentration, Journal of Applied Physics (2018). ¬†https://aip.scitation.org/doi/10.1063/1.5026556

Tesla originally attempted a pulsation of a 50kHz(6km). ¬†The pyramids appear to be in the same low frequency range in radio terms. ¬†The Pyramids actually appear to be possibly mixing 1.304mHz with 1.395mHz, modulating at 91kHz, or 3.3km wavelength, which also works out to be a 45.5kHz wave with a 6.6km wavelength.¬† This eerily similar to Tesla‚Äôs own method of using a high frequency pulsated at a lower frequency. ¬†Interestingly, Tesla claimed to be utilizing a longitudinal transmission through the Earth, and the Pyramids also appear to be doing just that, outputting low-frequency acoustic waves through the Earth in beat-frequency fashion. ¬†While the acoustic frequencies emitted by the Pyramids into the Earth would surely cause a modulation, it’s not clear whether the electromagnetic frequencies would modulate. ¬†The pyramids are directly coupled through the ground and are very close if they are in fact transmitters, which should cause interference, but the electromagnetic frequencies may just be working together to widen the frequency band the Ancient Builders were interested in. ¬† The Electromagnetic waves emitted by the Pyramids would likely modulate in the Ionosphere though, and if the Ionosphere is coupled to Earth and vice-versa, then I think it’s perfectly possible that the pyramids mixed together and affected each other, constructively and destructively.¬†


Read about Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wardenclyffe_Tower

Watch a demonstration on how Tesla‚Äôs Wardenclyffe Tower might’ve functioned here:

Here’s a good article on how Tesla may have incorporated acoustics into the Wardenclyffe Tower for modulating the output signal into a longitudinal wave. ¬†https://teslauniverse.com/nikola-tesla/articles/tesla-longitudinal-wave

The tip of a Pyramid is the perfect shape to facilitate electrical discharges in and out of a virtual ground. ¬†If the tips of the Pyramids were gold, that would reinforce the similarities with the Wardenclyffe Tower. ¬†Gold is a great conductor and doesn’t corrode, therefore it would remain a steady ground. ¬†The Pyramid shape naturally wicks current out the tip, and with the Pyramids negatively charged and the ionosphere positively charged, we have the proper configuration for ion/electron flow.

A way the Pyramids could be generating an electric signal is the electro-acoustic phenomena of a streaming vibration current, which arises when a sound wave propagates through a porous medium where the pores are filled with fluid.  Limestone is porous and the Pyramids likely sat in water while being hammered with sound.  In this case the Pyramids would be considered as electrokinetic transducers.  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streaming_vibration_current

Rocks can actually generate a tiny current, here‚Äôs a link to the ‚ÄúTime Resolved Study of Charge Generation and Propagation in Igneous Rocks‚ÄĚ By Friedemann Freund. https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.1029/1999JB900423

Friedemann Freund has determined that a charge through granite propagates at 100-200m/s. ¬†Interestingly, many pyramids in Egypt fall into the size range of 100-200 meters. ¬†The Giza Pyramids appear to have been pulsing at 1-2Hz while also falling into this size range. ¬†Maybe pyramid dimensions reflect the time it takes a charge to make its way through or across the structure and be emitted. ¬† Khufu’s and Khafre’s Pyramids are 146 and 143 meters tall and 230 and 215 meters wide respectively. ¬†

Here’s a presentation by Friendemann describing his experiment with generating a charge in igneous rock, as well as what electric effects could be generated on a global scale.

In Friedeman’s experiment, he applied 60,000lbs of force on what appears to be a 6-8″ square piece of granite that was 4m long, and generated 1000 Pico-amps. ¬†The stressed portion of the granite was roughly 6” cubed and would’ve weighed around 20lbs. ¬†By this logic, the amount of granite in the Great Pyramid, roughly 6,600,000lbs, would generate less than 1 amp of current. ¬†Piezoelectricity, on the other hand, produces intense voltages which can be utilized to generate an extremely powerful radio signal, but not an electric current.¬†

Pyramid Power Uses


If the Pyramids were in fact like big Tesla Coils, then the output effects could be acoustic, electric, magnetic, radio and light, and it’s possible that different Pyramids utilized different effects that were generated.

Earthquake Lights


People mistaken UFO’s for Earthquake Lights all of the time. ¬†UFO sightings and Earthquakes are related as every time there’s an earthquake people spot “UFOs”. ¬†Electrical discharges from deep in the Earth are responsible for the pretty lights. ¬†It’s also interesting to note, that many UFO sightings apparently occur around ancient monuments. ¬†Earthquake lights can take the form of Auroras too.¬†


One of the interesting effects of quartz crystals is that they can emit light through an effect known as piezoluminescense.  This effect can arise in the KHz to MHz range, with brightness attributed to power.



Rocks can emit light after being after being exposed to high energy radiation.  

Above, Dr. Timothy Koeth, holding a glowing calcite crystal. High
energy electrons excite trace manganese atoms within the
crystal.  As they release their excess energy, they emit orange
light for hours.¬† He’s likely holding his phone light up to the back of the crystal in this picture, but the effect is still appreciable.¬†











Any electromagnetic frequencies generated inside the Pyramids might produce an ultrasonic output of similar frequency, the piezoelectric effect is reversible.   All of the holes around the Giza Plateau go down to the water table, therefore, if the pyramids produced ultrasound, then these holes would release mist from the ground water.  Mexico’s Pyramids are built above underground rivers and water holes as well so this concept may apply to pyramids worldwide.  The electromagnetic frequencies of Giza Pyramids fall right into the range of frequencies used in ultrasonic humidifiers with the Khufu and Khafre Pyramids at 1.304MHz and 1.395MHz respectively.  If the Pyramids modulate these ultrasonic frequencies into a beat frequency of 91KHz, 91KHz happens to be a frequency used in ultrasonic cleaners for it agitates water very well.  Using two high frequencies modulated into a lower frequency for simultaneous vaporization and agitation of water seems like a very efficient utilization of ultrasound.  Ultrasound would have a short range and be a localized effect of the Pyramids.  There would also be salt found at the base of the shafts if this possible pyramid effect is true. 

The Pyramids were also likely built 500 years before Khufu, when the desert hadn’t fully taken over yet.¬† Maybe the Pyramids were for making it rain in the Sahara Desert, thus preventing the desertification of Ancient Khemit.¬† The NW winds of Egypt and the Coriolis Force could carry the mist far over the desert.¬† This may be another reason the Pyramids are where they are, so that the prevailing winds take the mist out over the desert.¬† It’s also been theorized that some Pyramids could’ve been for making chemicals like nitrogen and ammonia, thus it’s a possibility the pyramids could’ve been for atomizing plant food rich water for irrigating the desert and promoting plant life.¬† Tesla and his contemporaries of the time actually thought of very similar concepts involving the use of electricity to modify the weather and generate fertilizer.¬†¬†

Plant Growth Stimulator

It’s been proven that loud rock music affects plant growth. ¬†It’s also been proven that electrical stimulus encourages plant growth. ¬†The Pyramids could’ve been built to allow plants to grow bigger and faster by energizing the ground with loud low and high frequency pulses. ¬†The Land of the Dead could be where dead bodies were shipped to decompose, thus raising the EC of the water and land. ¬†Plants grow many times faster with abundant food sources. ¬†The Pyramids should also cause it to rain, or at least form a cloud above the Pyramids, possibly misting the surrounding area.

Arc Light/Ozone Generator

If the Giza Pyramids produced a constant extremely powerful arc, on the order of 1.5billion Volts, there would be a tremendous amount of ozone produced, as well as a bright bluish-purply light.  Ozone has a purifying quality and is beneficial for the atmosphere.  

Artificial Auroras

The last experiment with HAARP to generate an Artificial Aurora was unsuccessful, mostly due to weather, but the researchers used the frequencies 2.8MegaHertz, 2.82MegaHertz, and 2.84MegaHertz, which matches the Pyramid of Menkaure’s electromagnetic resonant frequency (roughly the 107 meter band), and is twice the electromagnetic frequency of Khafre and Khufu’s Pyramids(215-230m band).  https://www.google.ca/amp/s/spectrum.ieee.org/tech-talk/telecom/wireless/scientists-in-alaska-attempt-to-produce-fake-aurora-with-giant-antenna-array.amp.html

Not only did Nikola Tesla claim that the powerful transmitter he built at Wardenclyffe would create a bright aurora in the night sky, it also just so happens that the power and frequencies generated by the Great Pyramid, falls within the same power and frequency range of our current ionospheric research facilities found around the world. ¬†Ionospheric heaters work in the range of 3-30MHZ, and their power ranges from 750Kilowatts to 3.6Megawatts, which is roughly how much power it takes to have a noticeable effect on the ionosphere. ¬†HAARP, for example, transmits at 3.6megawatts power. ¬†The Great Pyramid, running continuously without internal combustion or detonation, at 10% efficiency, would output 2Megawatts, and at 100% efficiency, 20MW.¬† If the Ancient Khemitians had 130 extremely powerful pyramid radio transmitters spanning roughly 75km, they might‚Äôve seen a faint airglow at night, and maybe even a serpent in the sky like many ancient cultures worshipped. ¬†Maybe these lights in the sky represent the spirit world, or Aether. ¬† If the Pyramids were in the Gigawatt range, then I think bright artificial auroras would’ve occurred, and not just a faint air glow. ¬†The Pyramids could potentially be the most powerful radio transmitters ever built.

The Kings Chamber’s Electromagnetic Frequencies are:

Axial width – 14.3MHZ
Axial length – 28.6MHZ
Axial height – 25.6MHZ
Tangential – 32MHZ
Oblique – 41MHZ
Pyramid Itself- 1.3MHZ

Mythologically speaking, the Pharoah’s soul was to ascend every day and return every night with the Great Pyramid being the gateway connecting Heaven and Earth for the ascension of the Pharaoh’s soul, and the Pharaoh’s companion’s souls, into the afterlife. ¬†The Pyramids might actually be “resurrection machines” which many Egyptologists and scientists have long contemplated. ¬†The Ancient Egyptians actually believed in an Ether, or a spirit realm, so it doesn’t seem far-fetched to think that the most religious civilization in history went to such great lengths and spent such considerable resources on insuring their transition into the afterlife, mythologically speaking. ¬†I think there’s a good chance the Ancient Khemitians (Egyptians) were far smarter than traditional Egyptologists and Archaeologists give them credit for. ¬†Below is a Picket Fence Aurora which appears to be a pattern showing constructive and destructive interference, maybe it was considered a line of dancing souls to the Ancients. ¬†Auroras generate radio signals typically in the 2-200kHz range, and the Giza Pyramids appear to be modulating at 91kHz. ¬†


The Electromagnetic waves emitted by the Pyramids would modulate in the Ionosphere.   http://onetuberadio.com/2015/02/26/the-luxembourg-


Geissler Tubes

Geissler Tubes would’ve been within the technical capabilities of the Ancient Builders and could’ve provided light in places where torches wouldn’t suffice. ¬†When you bring a Geissler Tube near a high-voltage source, it will luminesce.¬†





Testing of pieces of plates from Saqqara and a piece of Basalt from the Giza Plateau!

Two pieces of broken plates from Saqqara and a piece of basalt from the Giza Plateau were placed directly beside a miniature Tesla coil.   Surprisingly, one piece of broken plate gets hotter with time(right) while the other piece of broken plate stays cool(left).  The piece of basalt heats up as well(left).  The pieces become hot enough over 20-30mins that they can burn my hand.  The plan is to try and boil water with basalt and plate-piece.

A strong neo-magnet was put up against the plate pieces and neither are magnetic.  The basalt piece was able to be picked up by the neo-magnet and you can also see tiny corona form on the basalt when its next to the Tesla coil.

There are basalt pads east of every pyramid in Egypt, maybe the basalt was used to heat the water around the pyramids. ¬†Many large basalt boxes also exist in Saqqara and Egypt, these boxes would respond to the powerful magnetic field emanating from the Pyramids if the Pyramids were in fact like massive Tesla coils. ¬†Tiny coronae produce ozone too, maybe that’s how the bones found inside these basalt boxes were bleached white. ¬†

Above is a pic of the golden material found throughout the plate piece that heated, likely due to resistance.  

Total Solar Irradiance hitting the Giza Pyramids

The Pyramids would’ve been very bright during the day as they were covered in a highly polished white limestone. ¬†The total power of the Sun hitting a Pyramid is calculated by taking the surface area of the Pyramid base in Meters then multiplying that by 1356Watts/m2(total solar irradiance per/m2), then divide that total by the surface area of the Pyramid less the base. ¬†These numbers represent the amount of light and energy striking the pyramids at high noon.¬†

G1 = 839.665W/m2.    G2 = 815.08W/m2.    G3 = 864.63W/m2

The Great Pyramid is 25 watts per square meter more than the Khafre Pyramid, and the Menkaure Pyramid is 25 watts per square meter more than the Khufu Pyramid.

If you were looking at the Great Pyramid from one of its cardinal points around high noon, it would’ve been roughly equal to a 17,999,225/4=4,499,806.25-Watt light bulb. ¬†The Great Pyramid is slightly concave and would have been shiny white which would reflect and magnify this energy resulting in an amazing brightness. ¬†

Giza Pyramids Surface Area:  

G1 = 85745m2.    G2 = 77185m2.   G3 = 18360m2

No aliens, no religion, no magic,¬†Pyramids focus their energy down the middle.¬† The word pyramid can be translated as, ‚Äúfire in the middle.‚Ä̬† ¬† The name for the great pyramid, Ahket Khufu, can be translated as, ‚ÄúKhufu‚Äôs Mountain of Light.‚Ä̬† The name for obelisk can be translated as, ‚ÄúTo the Beat of a Drum.‚Ä̬† Maybe pyramids around the world are capable of harnessing an effect that we just haven‚Äôt realized yet.¬† Maybe it‚Äôs artificial auroras, for making rain, or an earthquake/tsunami warning system, or an ancient form of communication.¬† Whatever it ends up being it‚Äôll be a real verifiable effect of some sort.¬† For now,¬†pyramids remain temples and tombs, but possibly not for long. ¬† ¬† ¬†

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PS, the Great Pyramid was built with geopolymers.   http://Geopolymer.org



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